A well-known brand for giving a different culinary experience to its customer and constantly making its patrons busy by conducting various food festiv als and events came up with another event on this Friendship Day called Foodie Buddies Contest in association with Eazy Diner.com at Park Street outlet in Kolkata. People had participated in group with their foodie friend and came for the contest to have a fun over barbeques this Sunday. It was all about eating how fast and a lot you can eat with your foodie buddy and win a trophy by BARBEQUE NATION. There were assured gifts for all participants and Winner got a Gift Voucher of Rs.5000/- and a 3D cut out of the Winner would be placed in the restaurant for a month.


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This independence day Buzz at The Gateway Hotel offers you to experience the crowded Kolkata street and revive the memories of childhood with the spread featuring like Punjabi Lassi, Chennai Chaas, Flora Fountain ki Vada Pav and Pao Bhaji, Surati Dhokla and Khandavi, Dahi Wada Aloo Dum of Cuttack and Kosha Murgi

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 The Best thing about summer is Mango. And in spite of the scorching heat in summers, this ‘King of fruits’ is being cherished by almost everybody.


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Silver Platter- Comes With a Silver Lining by Sayantika Dutta

― Aug 26, 2016 | 0 Comments

While a number of restaurants today are all striving to make their mark felt in the Kolkata food scene, there are only a portion of them making their presence felt boldly. One such underdog that has been slowly but steadily conquering a loyal fan base for itself is the Silver Platter. Boasting the small little space boldly, Silver Platter has been welcoming quite the foot fall, all thanks to the delicious and pocket friendly continental food on offer. The restaurant is conveniently situated close to the Acropolis Mall and is very easy to spot on the Kasba main road.

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Indrani dhar

 Indrani is a full-time mother of 3 beautiful kids and food blogger by passion. Keeping the thirst to promote Bengali cuisine more to the world, she has started her food blogging journey almost 9 years back. Her Blog, "Recipe Junction" is a treasure trove of traditional as well as experimental recipes from all over the World. A true blue Bengali and artist by heart, anything creative gives her immense pleasure.

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